ASKING A GIRL OUT: How Far Will You Go To Make Her Say Yes?

Asking a girl out is like betting on a horse race where you’ll have to hang on to the chances of winning the combination. Much likely, in high school days, asking a girl out on a date happens when friends place their bets in you being busted out. And as for ego and the will to get the girl of your dreams, you are willing to climb up the fence, face first. So how far would you really go on asking a girl out? If you are not so sure about her answer, man yourself up. Don’t just ask her because it’s a bet you must win, ask her out to find out something else about her.

Being attracted to a girl is a normal feat of a guy, though it’s pretty hard to explain the science and chemistry behind it, it is a part of human existence and means to choose what you like for your future. So why future? Dates are the very first step into building a strong relationship which can only be found by starting to get along with each other or having several dates.

You can start to ask her by starting a jolly conversation first, you just can’t dish out the main menu without having the appetizers first. You can ask her questions about where she’s from, how old is she, and mostly, don’t say uhh and ahh, that will just make her think that you have no intention of really talking to her. Just say it like your doing a normal conversation at home or with your friends. Instead of making yourself feel awkward in that kind of situation, try to put space up by going in smoothly and keeping the small talk going.

Romantic First Date Venue Ideas to Amaze Your Date

A first date is the stepping stone of all things possible when it comes to love. When it comes to dating, it doesn’t matter how new romance between the two of you has blossomed, whether it is through friendship or a chance meeting, the most important thing that matters the most is how special your first date are and how it turns out to be.

Keep your level of intimacy in mind while planning a date because your date’s level of comfort around you matters a lot for the date to be successful. If you are about to go on your very first date, here are the things you need to know about venue ideas that would definitely amaze you and your partner for sure:


  1. Coffee Date

This is the most common and the most comfortable date at its best which is really perfect for a romantic first date. For men, it is easy and can help their date judge them for who they are as a person without overwhelming them with the surrounding. For us women, it is one of the most romantic places for a date that is included in our diary of secrets.


  1. Restaurant Date

It is one of the common first date plans and choice these days. It is a plus if the restaurant has a romantic view like a place next to the beach or an overlooking view of the city during the night. It’s a perfect and a romantic place to be with.


  1. Park Date

If the two of you likes to have a simple yet romantic first date, you can have a picnic at a park especially if it is a pleasant sunny day. There’s something about staring at nature’s beauty that makes us ladies all feel wonderful inside.


  1. Live Concert Date

Like me I love music so much that my first date was at the John Mayer concert. It was the best date night ever of my life. If your date is into music or if you happen to know that her or his favorite band is in town, plan to attend the concert and buy tickets instantly.


  1. Game (Sports) Date

If your date loves to watch a good game, plan something together to watch his or her favorite team play in a nice weather.


  1. Movie Date

These kinds of dates are perfect for a cosy feeling that would trigger romantic excitement like what you can see in Hollywood movies.


  1. Beach Date

If you are date are like me who loves beach so much, take her to the beach for a walk near the waves that can make you both feel really comfortable with each other. Plus, you can even hold hands while walking.


  1. Chopper Date

If you have the budget for this one, this one would turn out to be the most romantic experience your date will surely appreciate the most. Hire a chopper for a ride and soar through the night sky. It’s posh, expensive and something your date will love talking about, during the date and after the date too.


Do you agree with our romantic first date venues list guys and gals? There is still one more thing that you need to remember. If it is possible, ensure that your date leaves the venue of the date with something memorable and someone to remember for a next date. Flowers and chocolates are too cliché for us ladies so we need something new and will remember for the rest of the time. That way you can impress your date and before you know it, you are already in your second date plans.

Clothing Ideas You Should Not Wear On Your First Date 

We ladies love to wear fashionable clothes and accessories wherever we go especially if it is a special occasion. I got really excited during my first date ever and everything fails because of the dress I wore that special night. I wore a floral dress with matching floral pouch and lady-like shoes during that time. At first it was really cute and it looks really classy but when we came to the venue, I felt my face was turning red like a tomato when I saw their table cloth. It was made in floral designs too and it looks exactly like my dress. I was embarrassed that night but then my date didn’t mind the similarities and instead, he made the waiter change the table cloth into plain white and thank goodness the night went well after that. It was definitely the worst dating experience I have ever been in my entire life and it won’t happen again.

Always remember ladies that what you wear is the perfect opportunity to present who you are before you say a word to your date. Don’t let your first date attire ruin your chances for a second date with him. If you want to win your date with a style, here are some fashion tips that you shouldn’t wear on a first date:


  1. Stick to your true style self or fashion self on that first date.

If it is your first date, the very first thing you need to do is to reveal the real you and to stick to clothing you actually wear. Do not pick a dress that is new and in trend. Instead, dress in something that you would wear on a regular basis because you want that person to know who you really are inside and out.


  1. Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing (i.e. cleavage, high slits, etc.)

When it comes to dating, first impressions are quick to make and it is also hard to get rid of once the entire date has started. You wouldn’t want your date to think of you as an easy girl or a tramp, right? It doesn’t mean as well that you need to dress dowdy or frumpy. You need to choose one area of your body that you want to reveal and not everything. That way you can see that your date is interested in your true self rather what you have revealed in front of him.


  1. Dress appropriately for the occasion.

Most first dates involve doing something very casual like grabbing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. You need to learn to make sure that whatever you wear is true to the situation. You don’t want to make your date feel uncomfortable or intimidated because you aren’t dressed appropriate for the occasion. Dress appropriately but keep it classy and simple.


  1. Do not wear black on your first date.

I love wearing black shirts, dress and shoes but as I go on with several dates already, I found out that men are not into women who wears too much black clothes. That is the time I splash some color in my outfit and everything went well later on. It is easy and safe to wear black on a first date but men like women in color and it is a great way to show your personality of your “other side” instead of your usual self. Color, particularly shades of peach and corals, are really attractive to men according to recent polls.


I hope these dos and don’ts of clothing style for your first date give you knowledge and hints on what to wear on your next date. Be comfortable and always be classy in all your dates.


Everything You Need To Know About Dating 101

Do you believe in love at first sight? How about loving the same person forever? Do you think forever exist? Well, for us women, love at first sight or shall we say an inbox message for this generation, does exist once in a while.

We’ve seen movie scripts like the famous quote “You have me at hello” and “Sparks fly the moment I saw you” kind of moment. Hollywood and even other television series and movies built an entire industry in making us feel that forever is just a step closer to our dreams. That being said, creating real closeness with someone usually takes time. You need to draw people together through initial attraction like mingling and bonding. Make it an experience or make yourself close without putting a lot of time and work to it.


What I really mean ladies is that you should go out there and find a guy you deserve to date with. I am talking about online dating or a simple get-together moment with the opposite sex. To help you make it to the dating world, here are some dating 101 that you should know and something new that will spice up your love life:


  1. Add Actions to Your Words

If you haven’t had any relationship experience before, this is the best thing that you should read to know more about dating and related stuff. When it comes to a relationship, it is a different situation when a person tells you something and what he or she is showing to you. Actions speak louder than words, right ladies? If you’re just getting to know someone on the phone and through email you’re relying on words more than actions which is really not a good idea. You’ll never know what he or she likes in person and all you based out is his or her self description online. Spend time in person observing what a romantic interest does. Go out and date that person you are interested in. If things are not what it seems to be, you can easily run from it.


  1. We Have the Power to Teach People How to Treat Us

For some reason there are other people who underestimate this statement and claim that it makes no sense. It is basically means the best time to set the rules of a relationship is right in the beginning of the dating game. It is the best way to gain respect and trust right from the start. Don’t be afraid to speak up and in the end, the person you are dating with will respect your limits and actions.


  1. When It Comes to Love, You Need to Give And Take

It is one of the sure things in the world that are reciprocal when it comes to relationship experiences. One of my gal friends shared to me that she used the term “I move closer, he moves closer” kind of situation which is really effective. It means that the person you are dating with is really interested in you and getting to know the real you. It is also a good sign that you are in a healthy relationship when both you and your partner are on the same page of life, giving and sharing.


  1. Take It Slow and Keep Everything Real

Don’t rely on fantasy or shall we say “cloud nine” moment in your entire life. Stay in the zone of reality and don’t speed things up. Always remember ladies and men as well, real love takes time to grow. That’s why you should start dating first before entering in a deep, coveted relationship.


Human beings can be pretty unpredictable. But what you can look for is trust. Trust in yourself that you’ll carefully select a good guy. Trust in yourself that you’ll know when someone isn’t who he or she says they are. And trust in yourself that no matter what happens, you are in control of the situation and everything will be alright.

A More ‘Open’ Approach

For anyone who’s just about to begin dating, things will never go easy during their first date. It feels like the first day of school; you’re very conscious about what you’re wearing and you’re very conscious about what the other person thinks about you. This scenario is unavoidable. But it’s also not beneficial, either.

Often, we have this closed idea that dating should lead you closer to another person. This is the reason why we groom ourselves the best possible way we can. However, the man or woman isn’t the answer to our loneliness and appearing as great as we look like is not the right approach – that is, if you’re thinking that it will help win him or her over.

‘Nobody’s perfect’ has been an idea we’ve come to live with since our parents, teachers and elders introduced it to us. The truth to this statement is infallible because two imperfect people build up a relationship. These two imperfect people aren’t perfect either. They will fight and commit many atrocities against each other.

I think relationships are a delicate balance of imperfection and effort. Effort in the sense that my partner will help fill the effort I’ve just given to cancel out the weight of the relationship. But to think that the other person is the answer to one’s loneliness is a bad idea. It would ruin any relationship right from the start.

So what does this have to do with dating? Dating is the start of any possible relationship. To avoid sounding desperate, stop thinking it’s the solution to your loneliness. To make it last, accept that the other person will be imperfect but tolerable. To make it work, this person will be someone willing to give you effort for effort and forgiveness for forgiveness.

Sounds like a rough road, ain’t it? But this is a more ‘open’ approach to dating. I’ve come to learn the ‘open’ approach after accepting the fact that everyone who’s dating has an expectation from their partner. They expect him or her to become something ideal. Daters should always avoid this fourth thing about ideals. It is all right to set standards but to look for ideals will get you nowhere with dates.

In fact, these are the indubitable reasons that you could not find a date or land yourself a relationship.

Always have an ‘open’ approach when it comes to dating. Give anybody who passes your standard a chance to be part of your life. If they do not fall within your standards, still, give them at least two chances to show you their true nature and how much effort they’re willing to give during your first date. Avoid letting first chances get to you too quickly.

On your end, don’t expect that your natural beauty can charm everyone. If you doll yourself or groom yourself to the ideal type of your date, you’re going to end up impressing your date. Always show the real you and see how they react at that point.

I’m Sharon Bowen, the founder of SBC Dating. I hope you find something useful in our blog! Thanks for reading!